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Care Instructions

Wreaths (traditional and heart-shaped), heart-shaped "pillows", dome-shaped potted plants and spheres:
To water: completely submerge in basin or big enough bowl for a few minutes until all the bubbles

have gone (air has escaped). Do this weekly for 3 weeks to make sure your succulent creation has

settled. If your sphere is too big/heavy to submerge in water, use a garden hose and gently water

from the top. Catch the run-off in a bucket and re-use the water.
After a few months, (this varies from 2 to 4 months, depending on where they are displayed and the

time of year) the plants in your structure would have grown significantly. While some prefer the

“fuller” look, others may want to trim some or all of the plants to retain the original form. To do this:
1. Water the creation well to ease the process.
2. While wreaths, "pillows" and potted plants only require to be wet when worked with, spheres are easier to prune when they float in water.
3. Identify the plant that has grown too tall (stem needs to be at least 2 cm long), and cut the stem off against the coir surface of the creation.

4. Use a screwdriver to open up the existing hole or make a new hole in the structure and gently plant the cutting back into the structure.
5. Your succulents will develop new roots and settle back into the structure.
















Alternatively, you can plant the succulents into containers or in the garden. Ensure that the soil drains well and that the container has drainage holes. Although succulents do not like “wet feet,” and can survive for long periods without water, they do need some water to thrive. A good rule of thumb is to allow your succulents to dry out completely between waterings.


Creations planted in biodegradable oasis, such as petit wreaths:

Water these petit wreaths as described above, but be careful not to over water, as the oasis retains the moisture longer than the soil. Rather water every 2 weeks instead of weekly. The oasis won't sustain the plants in the long-term. When you see that the plants start growing after making roots, plant the whole creation in a pot or dig it into your garden after removing the fishing line. The oasis can be buried as is as it will break down over time.

Snails and boxes (centerpieces):


Gently pour water into the shell/box about once a week. Do this only when the soil has completely dried out. When the plants get too big, replant into a bigger container or in the garden.

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