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A quirky present for someone who makes you smile.

Life is special with plenty to celebrate. Light candles whenever you can and enjoy the diversity of growing succulents.

A living heart-shaped wedding ring pillow.

Use your imagination and give your favourite piece new life with a special plant.

Use a funky piece of fabric as a tablecloth and see how it brings out the unique colours of your wreath.

A bunch of happy plants growing in a hanging sphere is an impressive and beautiful feature.

Pictures against walls liven up any room or stoep.

Anyone for snails? Mini succulent gardens in giant land snail shells honour these gentle giants in a quirky way.



We create mini succulent gardens. Succulents are planted in specially designed structures containing soil. Shapes include wreaths, spheres and hearts. We also create framed "pictures". Each creation is a splendid living, growing community of waterwise plants that only need replanting after 2 to 4 months, depending on the time of the year.